Fluitec Introduces Lube System Cleaner

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Fluitec recently introduced a new product to clean deposits from lube systems. Boost Varnish Removal (VR) utilizes a unique synthetic chemistry that increases the solubility of an in-service lubricant for safer and less expensive flushes compared to detergent system cleaners.

Fully compatible with in-service turbine, compressor and hydraulic oils, Boost VR can safely be used in steam and hydro-electric turbines as well as other applications where there is a high chance of water or steam ingression.

An API Group V synthetic oil, Boost VR offers improved hydrolytic, thermal and oxidative stability as well as excellent seal compatibility. It cleans the internals of a system while equipment is operating and does not adversely impact the in-service fluid’s physical and chemical performance or harm demulsibility, air release or foam characteristics.

Treating a contaminated system with a small amount of Boost VR three months prior to an outage results in a clean system. This eliminates the need for a chemical flush, leading to significant savings.

"We have seen more and more problems resulting from poorly executed flushes, resulting in reduced oil performance and reliability problems," said Fluitec's Greg Livingstone. "Boost VR is a safer, cheaper alternative."

Boost VR is available internationally in pails, drums and totes.

For more information, visit www.fluitec.com.

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