Dearborn Mid-West Launches Intellilube Lubrication System

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Dearborn Mid-West Co. (DMW) recently introduced its Intellilube single-point lubrication brand and accessory product line to the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Intellilube automatically dispenses premeasured lubricant at a constant rate to avoid damage from manually overfilling and underfilling, which helps to reduce costly repairs and production downtime.

Dispensing can be programmed from one to 12 months, with temperature setting ranges from minus 4 to 131 degrees F. The system is compatible with all NGLI greases and oils as well as client-specific lubricants.  

Activated by a key, Intellilube allows the user to always be in control. The system is compact in size with a see-through site window and mounts in any position indoors, outside and up to 30 feet underwater, making it perfect for hard-to-reach and dangerous locations.

Engineered for the most demanding applications, Intellilube is ideal for packaging facilities, automotive/industrial plants, airport baggage-handling systems, bottling/glass factories, water-treatment plants, cement factories and more.

The system is environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful liquids or acid-filled batteries, motors or gears. Its gas-generating cartridge is also replaceable.

"DMW is excited to be able to offer such an incredible, one-of-a kind lubrication product," said Timothy Rose, Dearborn Mid-West Co. vice president.

For more information, visit www.DMWCC.com.

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