Analysts Adds Coolant Analysis Expert

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Analysts Inc. recently announced the addition of Elizabeth O'Neil-Nelson to its management team. An industry veteran with more than three decades of experience in cooling system predictive maintenance research and development, Nelson will manage the oil analysis laboratory's coolant analysis program.

"Elizabeth will be focusing our team on the growth and advancement of our coolant offering," said Cary Forgeron, Analysts' director of sales and marketing. "Her knowledge and extensive experience within the industrial and heavy-duty markets is a great fit with Analysts' testing capabilities and quality standards."

Nelson has authored seven books and numerous technical papers on cooling system maintenance issues facing the industry. She has trained thousands of maintenance and reliability professionals on the impact coolant analysis can have on overall engine performance.

"Ten years ago, OEMs and maintenance managers didn't give the cooling system much thought in the overall health of the engine," Nelson said. "But today, through education, many are beginning to realize that the cooling system plays a vital role in the health of the lubrication system and the life expectancy of the engine and its components."

Nelson is also a proponent of proactive maintenance, as opposed to reactive maintenance, for delivering cost savings.

"The key is a fluid analysis program that is easy to use with powerful technology for measuring results and managing your data to minimize unscheduled downtime," Nelson added. "That can be transformational."

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