SKF Launches New Food-grade Lubricants

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SKF recently launched a range of food-grade lubricants to increase reliability and safety of applications in the food and beverage industry. The specially developed products are NSF/H1, kosher and halal approved.

The food industry requires lubricants that not only offer standard lubricating properties to resist wear, friction, corrosion and oxidation but are also food grade, internationally approved and have the ability to perform under the stringent conditions of manufacturing environments.

SKF's expanded range of food-grade lubricants has been specially developed to perform reliably in the typical application conditions of the food and beverage industry and meet the needs of producers to provide safe products.

"Lubrication influences efficiency of assets and energy consumption, whilst inappropriate practices can impact food safety," says SKF's Jean Christophe Brossard. "Launching these lubricants is strengthening SKF's ability to support customers with food-grade lubricants plantwide, in line with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) processes."

SKF's expanded range of food-grade lubricants includes LGFP 2 general-purpose grease, LGFD 2 high-load grease, LGFS 00 general-purpose grease, LGFT 2 high-temperature grease, LGFC 1 low-temperature grease, LFFM 80 high-moisture chain oil, LHFP 150 general-purpose chain oil, LFFT 220 high-temperature chain oil, LDTS 1 dry-film lubricant, LFFH 46 hydraulic oil, LFFH 68 hydraulic oil, LFFG 220 gear oil and LFFG 320 gear oil.

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