LE Launches New Wire Rope Lubricator

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Lubrication Engineers (LE) recently launched a new wire rope lubricator: the Viper Mini MK II. Like its larger predecessors, the Viper Mini eliminates the need for manual greasing with its single-pass wire rope lubrication at speeds of up to 1,000 meters per hour.

The unique seal design induces lubricant penetration into rope for added corrosion protection and a direct increase in rope asset life. The lubricator is also engineered to be safer for personnel with reduced lubricant usage, less leakage and mess.

"Despite its smaller size, the Viper Mini MK II has the same capability, strength and speed as the Viper MK II," said Geoff Manley, general manager of Lubrication Engineers. "The Viper Mini ensures that all ropes of varying diameters – from 8 to 30 millimeters — receive effective lubrication in a safe, mess-free application."

The added benefits of the Viper Mini include a smaller size, weight and portability, which allow it to be carried and installed by only one person, providing protection for smaller steel ropes.

The lubricator can be set up and installed in minutes with no tools required. A high-speed kit is also available that can lubricate up to 35-millimeter ropes.

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