Spectro Unveils New Spectrometer

Noria news wires

Spectro Analytical Instruments recently introduced a new portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to bring laboratory-quality elemental composition monitoring and quality-control testing to at-line analysis.

The compact Spectroscout XRF analyzer is engineered to deliver precise results with the power of a top-grade laboratory benchtop instrument in an easily transportable design. It is ideal for manufacturers and processors of chemicals, cosmetics, feedstocks, foods, metal coatings and pharmaceuticals.

Employing the spectrometer for at-line analysis can dramatically enhance productivity by eliminating time spent transporting samples from the plant floor to the laboratory to wait in queue for testing. In contrast, the Spectroscout can deliver audit-traceable results directly from the manufacturing floor. It is also a more affordable alternative as an at-line installation than larger and more costly laboratory instruments.

The Spectroscout can be operated with minimal training and offers dependable accuracy and sensitivity at a wide range of detection levels, providing precise at-line analysis from high-percentage concentrations to trace elements.

The spectrometer includes an intuitive interface, simplified software that interacts via a standard computer and predefined application packages. The unique iCAL calibration requires only a single integrated sample and 5 minutes, reducing recalibration work.

For more information, visit www.spectro.com.

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