Donaldson Introduces New Reservoir Air Dryer

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Donaldson Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions recently introduced its reservoir air dryer for fluid tanks and reservoirs. The air dryer is designed to eliminate the need to continually replace conventional desiccant breathers or to dry fluids with vacuum dehydration units.

It offers a solution to curb the damaging effects of moisture by dehydrating the reservoir headspace and removing dissolved moisture from exposed oils and fuels.

The dryer combats moisture by introducing a steady flow of clean, dry air into tanks and reservoirs. The air flow keeps humidity relatively low in the headspace, pulling moisture from the fluids and preventing condensation.

"It won't always replace the need to use a vacuum dehydrator, but it can help prevent moisture from entering your fluid system through the tank or reservoir, avoiding damaging problems down the line," said Scott Grossbauer, global director of Donaldson Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions. "You simply connect compressed air to the inlet of the unit and plumb into the headspace of the tank or reservoir."

The air dryer operates with standard plant air and is easily installed with no electrical hookups required. Oil and water droplets, as well as fine particles present in inlet air drains, are collected automatically, purging captured liquid without any required intervention. The visual indicator helps monitor filter condition continuously, while the pressure regulator ensures low pressure and air flow into the tank or reservoir.

When combined with the thermally reactive advanced protection (TRAP) breather, the complete system can keep moisture and contamination out even when the fluid-flow rate outside the tank surpasses the dryer-flow rate into the tank. The air dryer also regenerates or dries out the breather, increasing filter life and reducing the total cost of ownership.

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