Bureau Veritas to Open Oil Condition Testing Facility in South Africa

Noria news wires

Bureau Veritas recently announced that it will provide lubricant and oil analysis services in South Africa with the launch of a new testing facility.

The new laboratory is expected to assist maintenance managers in both the industrial and heavy-duty equipment markets to predict failures and prevent catastrophic maintenance events.

Using the Lube Oil Analysis Management System (LOAMS) software, clients will have access to one application that brings equipment testing and analysis data together from numerous locations around the world.

Oil analysis can identify trends in wear and contamination, and monitor changes in the physical properties of lubricants and hydraulic oils. Laboratory data analysts can then pinpoint equipment problems in their earliest stages and make informed recommendations that can improve machine reliability, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and significantly extend equipment life.

"Bureau Veritas is committed to investing in our network to ensure we are the global provider of choice for oil condition monitoring services," said Matt Hopkinson, Bureau Veritas senior vice president. "Increasing our footprint in South Africa is integral to our global expansion strategy and will provide our customers in this region with industry-leading expertise."

For more information, visit www.bureauveritas.com.

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