Champion Launches New Honing Oil

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Champion Oil recently launched a new professional-grade honing oil for toughened steels, nickel alloys and a wide range of workshop applications.

The high-performance honing and finishing fluid is formulated with a select blend of base fluids and additives that are safe for use with yellow metals.

The low-viscosity, chlorine-free neat oil features added antioxidant protection and extreme-pressure additives for corrosion protection, and contains a high level of synthetic ester lubricity additive for machining hardened steels and nickel alloys.

The fluid’s high lubricity is designed to ensure longer tool life, higher work speeds and better finish quality. The low-odor solvent technology helps to flush the work surface of fine abrasives without the noxious smell and volatility of kerosene-based fluids.

Recommended to achieve good finishes in short-stroke, micro-finishing operations on tough materials like bearing steel, the oil can be used in super-finishing applications utilizing stones rather than tapes and is applicable to fine-machining of steel and non-ferrous metals as well as light drawing and stamping operations.

The fluid is also suitable for honing non-ferrous metals with ceramic or bakelite bonded carborundum or silicon carbide stones as well as metal bond diamond stones.

Sold in 55-gallon drums, the oil is compatible with sulfur-containing honing stones and is approved by numerous machine manufacturers.

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