Nanotech Industrial Solutions Launches New Grease Product Line

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Nanotech Industrial Solutions (NIS) recently launched a new grease product family, which includes a range of fully formulated greases as well as an extreme-pressure (EP) and anti-wear/anti-friction (AW/AF) additive.

The new NanoLub grease product line and grease additive are designed to enable users to choose between a complete lubricant solution and an additive that can be blended to enhance the properties of other greases. The series includes NanoLub LiX #2 EP Plus Grease, NanoLub Multipurpose LiX #2 EP Grease and NanoLub EM-X EP Additive for LiX Greases.

"Our team of Ph.D. scientists and engineers has worked on this for several years now, and we are very proud of the results," said Dr. George Diloyan, NIS’ director of technology. "The new fully formulated greases are GC-LB certified, have no active sulfur and easily outperform other LiX NLGI #2 grade greases, with the EP Plus product achieving over 800 kilogram-force (kgF) in weld loads. The additive we developed can be used to achieve similar results with extremely low treat rates of 0.5-3 percent, depending on initial grease quality."

NanoLub is based on a patented technology using solid tungsten disulfide (WS2) multi-layered nano fullerene-like particles, which have shown resistance to temperature, shock and pressure.

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