RSC Bio Solutions Expands Line of Biodegradable Greases

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RSC Bio Solutions recently announced the expansion of its EnviroLogic 800 series of biodegradable greases. Featuring low-temperature pumpability, extreme-pressure and anti-wear protection, and oil separation stability during storage, the new greases are designed to operate in severe outdoor environments and withstand corrosion.

Complementing the already established EnviroLogic 802, the lithium complex greases are being introduced to offer solutions for applications when specifications call for lower National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) grades.  

"We are very pleased that we can expand our grease offering to include No. 0 and No. 1 NLGI grades with the same environmental profile as our No. 2 NLGI grade EnviroLogic 802," said Dr. Bernard Roell Jr., vice president of technology at RSC Bio Solutions. "No single grade of grease is capable of meeting all application needs, and it only made sense that we expand this product line to include lower NLGI grades."

The EnviroLogic 800 series greases were specifically formulated for multi-purpose, high-performance industrial applications where incidental environmental exposure is a cause for concern. They operate in equipment or systems over a wide temperature range in both marine and land applications.

Examples of marine applications include deck cranes, davits, fin stabilizers, shaft bearings, controllable pitch propellers, stern thrusters, barges, roll-on/roll-off hatches, cargo hold doors and other moving parts on ships. On land, the EnviroLogic 800 series could be used in any application where grease could end up in the environment, such as garage doors, tracks, hinges, trailers and construction equipment.

The greases are approved for a variety of applications and meet a wide range of ISO grades and industry performance specifications.

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