Dow Corning Unveils Synthetic Greases

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Dow Corning recently unveiled three new synthetic greases for more effective automotive noise-damping. Offering clean handling, better low-temperature capabilities and improved squeak-and-rattle control, the new greases are Molykote G-1056 (yellow) grease for power-door slide rails and actuators, Molykote G-1057 (semi-transparent) grease for vehicle body and interior components, and Molykote G-1067 (white) grease for sliding rails and glass-fiber-reinforced plastics.

Formulated with an innovative base oil and additive technology, the new Molykote greases promise several key benefits, such as noise-damping and friction-reduction properties to temperatures of minus 50 degrees C, less stringiness for cleaner and more efficient application methods, controlled oil separation and bleed for cleaner parts and reduced staining over time, and good water-washout resistance for extended life in wet environments.

"These highly effective noise-damping greases deliver expanded benefits in both application and performance compared with conventional greases used for quieting squeaks and rattles," said Marjorie Dwane, automotive global market manager for Dow Corning. "In addition to providing superior noise control that can enhance user experience, vehicle comfort and perceived brand quality, the advanced greases also offer easier handling, less potential staining and lasting effectiveness in extreme cold or wet conditions."

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