Graco Unveils New Grease Injectors

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Graco recently introduced new high-pressure, heavy-duty grease injectors for use with automatic lubrication systems. The GL-1 X and GL-1 XL injectors are engineered to be used in heavy-duty applications, such as mining and construction, where higher pressure and output are necessary.

Featuring an adjustable hex-head nut for users to easily regulate lubricant output, each injector is built as a rugged, single-piece unit and manufactured with no vent holes and fully enclosed press fittings to prevent lubricant leakage.

A convenient top-mounted cycle pin indicator provides quick confirmation that the injector is functioning properly.

The GL-1 X and GL-1 XL injectors have a minimum operating pressure of 1,850 psi (128 bar) and a maximum operating pressure of 6,000 psi (414 bar).

Both injectors have been designed to meet the needs of each lube point and are intended to provide years of reliable operation.

"The new injectors are offered both as a stand-alone and as a replacement injector for manifold systems," said Dan Jensen, Graco's global product marketing manager. "Furthermore, customers can couple the GL-1 X and GL-1 XL injectors with Graco's Electric Dyna-Star pump for a complete automatic lubrication system."

For more information, visit www.graco.com.

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