Donaldson Launches Remote Filter Monitoring Platform

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Donaldson recently launched a new solution for remotely monitoring pressure drop across bulk filtration systems.

The WaveLength is battery-powered and communicates with the cloud via cellular signal. It connects to filtration systems to remotely monitor system health.

Custom text and email alerts, coupled with a Web interface accessible through any device with an Internet connection, allow users to know when a filter change is required so they can avoid unplanned downtime.

Data accumulated from the WaveLength can also be used to provide predictive analysis about clean fuel and filter plugging for future maintenance planning.

"The labor required to maintain a bulk filtration system is costly, and customers are always looking for ways to improve operational efficiency," said Scott Grossbauer, director of Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions at Donaldson. "Donaldson WaveLength alerts operators to any problems in real time, giving them peace of mind and allowing them to focus on operations, or what they do best."

While designed to operate with Donaldson systems, the technology can be fitted to any existing bulk filtration system to monitor pressure drop.

Several installation kits are offered as well as the company's own turnkey installation service to get the system up and running as easily as possible.

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