ASTM Partners with API to Create Petroleum Standards Collection

Noria news wires

ASTM International and the American Petroleum Institute (API) recently announced that the two organizations will collaborate to launch a petroleum standards collection to help customers throughout the oil and gas industry access the standards they need in one convenient location.

Housed in the ASTM Compass online platform, the API collection includes 685 active standards, specifications and recommended practices, as well as more than 300 historical documents. These documents, which were developed by leading experts in the oil and natural gas industry, are often referenced in U.S. state and federal regulations as well as internationally.

Users will have access to globally recognized API documents on a wide range of topics, such as exploration and production, refining, safety and fire protection, storage, petroleum measurement tables, health and environmental issues, and marketing.

The ASTM Compass online platform provides organization-wide access to standards with a number of enhancements beyond the documents themselves, including tools for forming project teams and bookmarking for easy retrieval on multiple visits, ASTM petroleum training modules and test practice videos, and access to thousands of peer-reviewed papers and books in the ASTM digital library.

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