Spectro Scientific Unveils Magnetometer

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Spectro Scientific recently introduced a portable magnetometer for measuring ferrous wear particles in lubricating fluids. The FerroCheck enables users to perform accurate measurements in the field and in the lab to analyze gearbox, transmission and other fluids used in fleet and industrial maintenance applications.

The device works by sensing the disruption of a magnetic field, which is generated due to the presence of ferrous debris, specifically iron, in the oil. The instrument can detect particles from nanometers to millimeters in size and has a sensitivity range of 0-2,500 parts per million.

Operation involves drawing an oil sample, placing it in the magnetometer and using the touchscreen to complete the analysis and view the results. Non-lab personnel can operate the instrument with no solvents or sample preparation required. The unit weighs less than 5 pounds and is battery-operated for 30-second testing of small samples.

"FerroCheck enables users to perform rapid and accurate fluid assessments onsite as well as in the laboratory," said Robert Wopperer, Spectro Scientific vice president of business development. "The availability and ease of the measurement facilitate frequent, routine use that supports predictive maintenance programs, as well as detecting unforeseen incidences of ferrous contamination that, if unrecognized, can threaten the viability of large capital assets."

For more information, visit www.spectrosci.com.

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