Spectro Introduces OES Metals Analyzer

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Spectro Analytical Instruments recently introduced a new portable arc/spark optical emission spectrometry (OES) metals analyzer for analyzing elements at low and critical levels.

The Spectroport offers many of the same advantages of the company's mobile Spectrotest OES analyzer but in a smaller, lighter unit. It features point-and-shoot performance, flexible portability, intuitive ease of use and minimal standardization efforts.

The device is designed to be as fast as a handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer, with many analyses taking only a few seconds. Unlike handheld XRF analyzers, the Spectroport can accurately analyze elements such as carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, boron, lithium, beryllium, calcium, silicon, magnesium and aluminum at low and critical levels. The new optical system also covers a wide range of elemental wavelengths.

For testing in difficult-to-reach places, the Spectroport can be used cordlessly with a rechargeable battery pack. Large and small transport trolleys as well as portable batteries help to maximize the unit's mobility.

The Spark Analyzer Pro software enables users to quickly define different testing modes and sample identification fields. New preset applets perform much of the work and eliminate most errors.

Predefined calibration packages and the calibration logic system help to maintain the same standardization regardless of temperature shifts.

For more information, visit www.spectro.com.

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