Spectro Scientific Awarded Fluid Analysis Patents

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Spectro Scientific recently announced that it has been awarded three U.S. patents covering a spectrum of analysis technologies ranging from portable instruments and software to online sensors.

Patent US9228956, "In-situ Fluid Analysis Sensor Bolt," describes an innovative online fluid sensor based on a bolt that is engineered to permit fluid to flow through and across its stem past integrated source and detector electronics. The sensor system has no moving parts and can provide readings of the base number, acid number, water and oxidation in various lubricants without continual calibration in real time. The sensor bolt is designed to permit easy integration into machinery systems via Ethernet, serial or USB interface. 

Patent US9678001, "Route-Based Substance Analysis System and Method," describes a feature of Spectro's FluidScan 1100 analyzer that enables service engineers to perform customized in-field oil analysis on selected subsets of assets they maintain on daily service routes. The method facilitates condition-based maintenance on the selected assets by utilizing specific information regarding both the assets and their associated lubricants to create a distinct set of system warnings and alarms for each asset.

Patent US9638669, "Portable Fuel Dilution Meter and Method," describes how Spectro's FDM 6000 Series fuel dilution meter utilizes a special sample vial and sampling method to perform accurate and direct fuel dilution measurement quickly, using only a small sample of fluid. The method expands and increases the efficiency of the well-established surface acoustic wave technology for the assessment of fuel contamination in lubricants. It reduces the amount of sample needed to perform the analysis by nearly a factor of 100 and also eliminates sample cleanup by use of a disposable plastic vial.

"These patents are a reflection of Spectro Scientific's leadership and knowledge in providing comprehensive fluid analysis solutions to our customers," said Dr. Patrick Henning, Spectro Scientific chief technology officer. "They range from condition-based maintenance software and portable, handheld instrumentation to online technologies. These three areas comprise the core of providing real-time solutions to the broad range of industries that rely on performance fluids."

For more information, visit www.spectrosci.com.

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