Graco Unveils Automatic Lube System

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Graco recently launched a new automatic lubrication system for the trucking and fleet industry. The Electric Grease Jockey incorporates a lubrication pump with integrated controls to offer system health, status and low-level alerts as well as motor burnout protection.

Designed to provide longer component life versus manual lubrication and reduce the risk of human error, the automatic system flushes and blocks contaminants with a consistent supply of fresh grease while the vehicle is in operation. The compact design and single mainline lubricant distribution system also enable consistent and efficient installations and service inspections.

The distribution meters allow the electric-powered system to reliably deliver NLGI #2 grease, while the low-level sensor automatically alerts the operator when lubricant is low.

"This pump is a unique offering on the market, with new features that deliver first-in-class reliability," said Dan Jensen, Graco’s global product marketing manager. "We engineered an impact-, UV- and chemical-resistant system that is protected from motor burnout and provides valuable feedback to fleet managers while reliably and consistently delivering NLGI #2 grease – a tough pump for a tough industry."

The Electric Grease Jockey fits most on-road vehicles, including specialty fire trucks, cement trucks and waste haulers.

For more information, visit www.graco.com.

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