Graco Launches New Reciprocating Oil and Grease Pump

Noria news wires

Graco recently announced the addition of the new A4000 Reciprocating LubePro oil and grease pump to its LubePro series of automatic lubrication pumps.

The larger-capacity, single-line parallel pump is able to fire hundreds of injectors at one time using the company's Merkur Air Motor. The unique pump design also allows for reduced venting times.

Intended for applications where high output and fast lubrication cycles are needed to lubricate equipment while it's working, the LubePro series pumps are available in a variety of configurations to meet specific lubrication requirements.

"With the launch of the A4000 Reciprocating LubePro pump, we now offer a full portfolio of single-line parallel solutions," said Andrew Gerlach, Graco's industrial lubrication equipment product marketing manager. "These pumps are manufactured in the U.S.A. and come with a factory-installed pressure gauge, adjustable pressure relief and integrated low-level detection to ensure speedy and accurate system calibration. Additionally, our engineering team designed a creative mounting solution that allows for easy installation."

Graco's single-line parallel solutions include the A900, A1900, H1900, A2800, A2900 and A4000 LubePro series pumps and GL-32, GL-33, GL-42 and GL-43 injectors.

For more information, visit www.graco.com.

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