Total Lubmarine Introduces New Biodegradable Grease

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Total Lubmarine recently announced the introduction of a new grease to its environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) range.

Bio OG Plus is specifically designed to mitigate the challenges of working in environments where water contamination is common as well as for sensitive applications, such as open gears and chains under high load. The grease has been formulated in accordance with the Vessel General Permit for environmentally acceptable lubricants and is compliant with ISO 6743-9:L-XBBIB 1 and DIN 51502:OGP1E-20.

In addition to being an extreme-pressure and adhesive grease, Bio OG Plus' biodegradable qualities allow owners, managers and operators to take a more environmentally considerate approach to lubrication. It is also intended to be a vital resource for those operating in areas that require the use of environmentally acceptable lubricants.

"We are very happy to bring a new product into our range, and this is something that our customers have been asking for," said Anne-Sophie Vaucheret, marine technical engineer at Total Lubmarine. "We pride ourselves on an ability to offer an end-to-end lubrication solution, and with Bio OG Plus, all of our customers' needs are covered."

Bio OG Plus is expected to be rolled out soon to strategic ports around the world.  

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