Filtration Group Expands Series of Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems

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Filtration Group Corp. recently expanded its offering of turbine oil conditioning systems to meet the need for portable filtration systems.

The KLP Series includes new portable 3- and 5-gallon-per-minute models that were designed specifically to address the needs of customers looking for a cost-effective solution where a higher capacity system would be excessive.

The systems’ portability provides oil conditioning as needed for a selected oil reservoir during equipment uptime and adds an additional benefit during shutdown by quickly preparing the oil for start-up. After each system has removed water from the turbine oil, it will accumulate in the coalescer vessel. When it has accumulated to a preset level, the automatic water drain will discharge the water from the system.

The KLP Series can be installed on a single reservoir or moved between multiple oil reservoirs. The systems, which use the same filter media and technology as the KL Series of TURBO-TOC turbine oil conditioners, are capable of meeting an ISO cleanliness code of 15/13/11.

"We are excited to offer these new TURBO-TOC models," said Tracy Crosson, plant manager at Kaydon Filtration. "Periodic use of a portable filtration system to cleanse oil of contaminants can extend the life of power generation turbines while dramatically improving the return on investment (ROI) by sharing the unit among multiple turbines."

All models in the KLP series come with a standard pre-filter for ultra-fine particle removal. Particulate filtration is rated at Beta (5.1)=1,000. An optional heater may also be added to the system to reduce the time to raise oil temperatures upon start-up.

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