Spectro Scientific Introduces New Oil Analysis Platform

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Spectro Scientific recently introduced a new web-based data management system to simplify and streamline the oil analysis process. The TruVu 360 Enterprise Fluid Intelligence Platform enables users to track fluid condition on an immediate basis to detect and mitigate oil contamination and machine wear as well as manage proactive maintenance and fluid replacement activities. It features a “rules engine” diagnostic process, enterprise cloud software access, and a dashboard that reflects conditions and results in real time.

"TruVu 360 solutions represent a breakthrough in real-time fluid intelligence through its seamless, enterprise-wide integration of hardware, software and services," said Brian Mitchell, Spectro Scientific president and CEO. "The combination of immediate analysis data with information management and diagnostic interpretation input as well as performance measurement evaluations will boost users' uptime and cost savings and thereby maximize their operational efficiency and overall profitability, preparing them for full participation in Industry 4.0."

The TruVu 360 platform can be installed on a local computer, central server or hosted in a public cloud. There are three main user categories. The enterprise user can access and manage multiple sites as well as the corporate dashboard console. The site user has single-site access and can manage the oil analysis process. The site reader also has single-site and/or read-only access.

The new program initially has been launched with the MiniLab onsite oil analysis lab for industrial applications in manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and power generation. Over the next 12 months, Spectro's full suite of fluid analysis instruments will work in concert with the TruVu 360 Enterprise Fluid Intelligence Platform.

For more information, visit www.spectrosci.com.

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