Castrol Launches New Cutting Fluid

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Castrol recently expanded its range of high-performance metalworking fluids with the launch of Hysol SL 37 XBB. The new soluble cutting fluid is formulated without boron and formaldehyde-releasing agents for steel and multi-metal machining operations.

Suitable for use in both soft and hard water, Hysol SL 37 XBB can be employed in a wide range of operations, including drilling, reaming, milling and turning. It is intended to reduce foaming, keeping machines clean and extending both system and tool life.

In customer trials, a 20 percent emulsion of Hysol SL 37 XBB was demonstrated to be a non-irritant to the skin, even after repeated contact. The fluid can also maintain a stable pH and reduce biocide additive top-ups by up to 90 percent for longer life and lower operating costs.

"Cutting fluids with Castrol XBB technology are firm favorites for machining operations worldwide, where they help our customers meet stringent HSE (health, safety and environment) legislation and reduce operating costs by eliminating the need for frequent and expensive additive top-ups," said Dr. Rudolf Janner, Castrol’s global product manager. "Hysol SL 37 XBB now brings the same benefits to demanding multi-metal machining operations so plant managers no longer have to choose between quality, safety and productivity."

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