Klüber Introduces New Lubricant for Conveyor Systems

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Klüber Lubrication recently introduced a plastic conveyor belt lubricant for the food-processing industry. Klüberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry is a new food-grade lubricant that is designed to improve packaging line efficiency by 1-5 percent.

Its lubricity can increase line speed without risking belt stability. The low coefficient of friction assists in preventing bottles, cans and containers from toppling over, which keeps conveyor lines moving.

The lubrication of conveyor systems can be a challenge for many packaging line plants. Current lubricants in the market are emulsions based on silicone or suspensions of perfluorinated substances in a base oil. However, Klüberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry is a homogeneous solution that does not separate. This helps to minimize conveyor belt residue and reduces nozzle blockage.

The lubricant's dripless dry formulation also supports plant safety by ensuring that work surfaces do not become wet or slippery. Because it accumulates less residue and has a built-in cleaning agent, Klüberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry can lower the risk of bacteria growth and the need for cleaning. These hygienic features are intended to decrease the need for harsh cleaning agents and water, which is beneficial for both workers and the environment.

For more information, visit www.klueber.com.

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