Chemtool Unveils New Synthetic Metalworking Fluids

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Chemtool recently introduced its newest line of synthetic metalworking fluids for machining and grinding aluminum and other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Lubricut 4284 is specially formulated to provide lubricity and detergency that promote machine cleanliness and high-quality finishes of machined parts. Special corrosion inhibitors deliver protection against staining while remaining stable in both hard and soft water.

The fluid is also low foaming and boasts a robust lubricant film strength for improved tool life and finish. It is compatible with aluminum, bronze, copper, cast iron and steel.

"Lubricut 4284 resists hard-water buildup and has no emulsions in which bacteria can grow that normally affect the sump," said Mark Warnock, Chemtool’s fluids technical manager. "Its unique composition maximizes heat-transfer properties that remove heat from the tool, maximizing tool life while remaining a cost-effective fluid."

In addition, Chemtool has unveiled a new metalworking fluid intended to replace general-purpose synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids in machining and grinding applications and in central systems. NuSol 21 MW is formulated with a preformed emulsion, based on a high viscosity, with a high-molecular-weight hydrocarbon base stock. The small particle size is designed to provide a durable and uniform lubricant film, enhanced cooling and hard-water stability.

The fluid offers corrosion protection for tooling, equipment and parts, as well as rapid tramp oil separation for cleaner system operation. Compatible with cast iron, carbon steel, tool steel and aluminum alloys, NuSol 21 MW also features high-pressure capability and is safe for all metals.

For more information, visit www.chemtool.com.

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