Interflon Announces Kosher and Halal Certifications

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Interflon USA recently announced that it has received kosher and halal certifications for its entire range of food-safe lubricants for use in the pharmaceutical production industry.

The certifications are in addition to the company’s existing NSF ratings, which permit its food-safe products to be used on machinery that may come into incidental contact with medicines or supplements.

"We are very happy to be able to serve a broader range of clients with these certifications," said Otto Oosterwijk, CEO of Interflon USA. "At Interflon USA, we understand that manufacturers are serving diverse clientele with a variety of needs. Our goal is to help manufacturers serve their existing customers and expand to reach new audiences with their products. With our kosher and halal certificates, we are now able to do that more effectively."

Interflon USA’s products include Food Lube with MicPol, which can be used on chains, gearboxes, bearings, rollers, gates and other applications in the production environment; Food Grease LT2 with MicPol, which is a grease application intended for extreme low- and high-temperature conditions; and Eco Degreaser with F-Active technology, which is designed to remove grease residue, used oil, hydrocarbons, graphite, ink, tar, polymers, polystyrene, glue, wax and bitumen.

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