Klüber Introduces Heat Transfer Oils

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Klüber Lubrication recently introduced new heat transfer oils for use in open or closed heating and cooling systems in the wood-processing industry.

Klüberfluid HT 1 Series is a highly refined mineral oil heat transfer fluid that offers thermal stability. Its advanced formulation supports long service life without viscosity changes or deposit formation.

Klüberfluid HT 4 US Series is a synthetic heat transfer oil designed to overcome heat stress that high-temperature heat transfer mediums often endure. Its synthetic hydrocarbon base stock combats issues related to carbon formation while also extending fluid life. The oil’s extremely low vapor pressure and subzero pour points help to increase efficiency and reduce pressure buildup and evaporation losses.

The thermal properties of both oils make them ideal for wood-processing applications which often involve extreme temperatures, high loads and aggressive media.

Specially formulated for use in indirect closed heating units, the high resistance of the oils to thermal degradation is intended to ensure reliable, lasting performance. With good oxidation stability, the lubricants are designed to protect equipment and prevent deposit formation. They can also maintain their viscosity, even in low temperatures, and provide a long service life.  

For more information, visit www.klueber.com.

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