Polaris Launches Grease Analysis

Noria news wires

Polaris Laboratories recently announced that it will be expanding its suite of fluid and lubricant analysis capabilities to include grease. The laboratory, which conducts accredited testing, analyzes sample data and makes maintenance recommendations, will offer a grease testing solution and sampling devices designed to help customers optimize grease intervals, monitor machine conditions and decrease downtime.

Grease testing has been proven to provide insight into the performance of machines and lubricating grease, including wear, contamination, consistency and oxidation.

“We saw an opportunity for our customers to get a complete picture of lubrication reliability and monitor all of their components,” said Bryan Debshaw, chief executive officer of Polaris Laboratories. “Adding grease to our suite of fluid analysis services provides an additional condition monitoring tool to improve the reliability of equipment that cannot easily be monitored through standard fluid analysis.”

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Polaris Laboratories is an independent fluid analysis company specializing in the testing and analyzing of oil, coolant, grease and diesel fuel to offer maintenance recommendations that are intended to reduce maintenance costs, improve equipment reliability and minimize unscheduled downtime for companies in the transportation, oil and gas, construction, mining and power generation industries.

For more information, visit www.polarislabs.com.

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