Castrol to Partner with Gehring on Fluid Condition Monitoring

Noria news wires

Castrol recently announced that is partnering with Gehring on a fluid condition monitoring solution for machine tools. The two companies will work together on integrating Castrol’s SmartControl into Gehring’s machines and data platform with the goal of greater process stability, increased efficiency in fluid use and machine operations, as well as greater tool life and improved quality.

An automated condition monitoring solution for metalworking fluids, SmartControl is designed to provide real-time measurement of fluid parameters and give users full control of their metalworking operation while minimizing manual work.

Castrol and Gehring are already exploring how to increase the efficiency of combustion and engine oil lubrication by developing new solutions to optimize cylinder-block machining and surface finishing. This partnership is expected to enable greater precision in manufacturing and open up new possibilities for the use of new materials in future engine designs.

“This cooperation marks an important milestone in our journey to become the market leader in integrated product and service solutions for the manufacturing industry,” said Andreas Osbar, BP Europa board member. “Through digitalizing the cutting fluid monitoring process, we will remove manual workload, optimize coolant consumption and improve the level of control for our customers.”

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