Champion Introduces New Greases

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Champion recently introduced a new line of professional-grade greases for industrial, agricultural and automotive applications. The new line includes the Poly-7 Red, Poly-7 Green, Moly EP and Amber Lithium greases.

The Poly-7 Red grease is a multi-purpose, high-temperature lubricant that incorporates hydro-treated base oils and a lithium-complex thickening system. The combination of additives provides resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosion. Extreme-pressure chemistry and polymer technology work together to ensure reduced wear and protect against scuffing, spalling, fretting and pitting of bearings, gears and bushings.

The Poly-7 Green grease is a heavy-duty, high-temperature lubricant made from highly refined petroleum stocks, co-polymers and lithium-complex additives. A special "A-7" additive is designed to give the grease increased lubrication, oxidation, adhesion and pumpability characteristics. The all-weather grease resists moisture and water washout and meets the NLGI GC-LB requirements for automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubrication.

The Moly EP lithium grease is recommended for use in industrial, agricultural and automotive applications, as well as specialized areas. It includes inhibitors to prevent rust, oxidation and corrosion. The grease also is formulated to provide low friction and resistance to water washout. It contains molybdenum disulfide for anti-wear and friction reduction performance even under demanding conditions.

The Amber Lithium grease offers load-carrying, rust and oxidation protection, as well as corrosion resistant characteristics. Recommended for general-purpose lubrication in automotive, agricultural and industrial applications, it also features enhanced pumpability and low-temperature properties.

For more information, visit www.championbrands.com.

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