New OilKontrol Bio-Absorbent

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We live in a constantly developing world where every industrial process involves bearings, gears and motors. All these components need to be lubricated for their operation, whereby we are exposed to an accidental spillage. OilKontrol is a company specialized in the production and commercialization of materials for the control of hydrocarbon spills (lubricating oils or greases among them). Our experience has allowed us to develop a 100% organic and sustainable fiber that allows efficient containment of spills on all types of surfaces, which once used, can be used as fuel, thus increasing its profitability for the client.

We have developed an innovative biodegradable organic absorbent that soaks up and encapsulates all types of hydrocarbons with the particularity that it works on porous surfaces such as cement or asphalt. In addition, it degreases without the need to use any kind of degreasers, so we ensure that it is an essential product for operational safety and environmental care in facilities such as industrial factories, airports, mechanical workshops, chemical laboratories, the oil industry, among others.

OilKontrol complies with the international standards ASTM F726-99, ASTM E303, it also complies with the USEPA and OMI / MEPC requirements, therefore, the quality of our product is guaranteed. For more information, you can visit our website

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