EPT Webinar: Getting Answers from Your Oil Analysis

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Webinar Date: Thursday, May 27 from 12pm MST to 1pm MST.

When it comes to critical rotating equipment, effective maintenance is essential. Many operators recognize that lubricant condition monitoring is a key part of their maintenance program but do not fully understand their oil analysis results. As a result, reports often leave end users with more questions than answers.

Many labs try to simplify interpretation by color-coding results to highlight potential issues. Unfortunately, when operators do not understand oil test fundamentals, this still leaves them with questions. What is the risk associated with an off-spec result? Is that result significant in their application? Most importantly: When a result is off-spec, what can be done to correct it?

Join Subject Matter Expert Dr. Matt Hobbs as he shares his secrets for oil analysis interpretation. Dr. Matt’s insider information can help operators of all stripes to connect the dots between their condition monitoring program and truly effective maintenance.

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