Webinar: Keys to a Cost-Saving Contamination Control Program

Join Noria expert, Wes Cash, for a webinar on the keys to a contamination control program that lowers costs. With the right methods and tools, it's possible to better protect machines and lubricants against contamination, slowing lubricant degradation, extending machine life, decreasing component wear, and—perhaps most importantly—reducing contamination-related failure.

Wes will be joined by Derek Kula of Todd Technologies Inc., a leading provider of contamination control solutions, to talk about filtration considerations and what he's seeing out in the industry today.

This Live Webinar Will Cover:

  • Where contaminants come from
  • Which contaminants to be most concerned about
  • The cost of contaminant exclusion vs. cost of removal
  • Methods and tools for excluding and removing contaminants
  • Balancing contaminant ingression and removal with reliability goals
  • Effects on machine service life
  • Interview with Derek Kula
  • Audience Q&A with Wes Cash and Derek Kula

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