How to Build a Successful Oil Analysis Program


How to Build a Successful Oil Analysis Program

Oil sample analysis is used to monitor and analyze the health of an oil, oil contamination, and machine wear. Oil analysis can determine if a machine is running properly and at optimal efficiency.
Too many oil analysis programs fail because of unclear goals, lack of leadership support, communication issues, knowledge gaps, poor supplier support, or a combination of all these factors. This guide will help maintenance and reliability professionals start a new oil analysis program from scratch or revamp an existing program that is not getting results. Whether you’re unsure about choosing test slates, sampling procedures, or even finding an oil analysis lab or service provider, this guide can help.

Topics Covered

  • The Value of Oil Analysis
  • Oil Analysis Program Case Studies
  • Creating or updating your oil analysis program
  • Quality of testing and evaluation
  • Data Interpretation and user-friendly report presentation
  • Sampling strategy
  • Oil sample location
  • Oil analysis tests
  • Maintaining your program
  • The road to a world-class program
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