Whitepaper: How to Choose a Hydraulic Oil

Whitepaper: How to Choose a Hydraulic Oil

Just because a machine will run with a particular lubricating oil doesn’t mean that it’s the best selection for that application. In most cases, using a less-than-optimal lubricant doesn’t mean that your machine will experience a sudden and catastrophic failure. Instead, it will shorten the average life of the machine components, decreasing their efficiency over time. In this case, it is not uncommon for warning signs to go unnoticed.

Topics Covered

  • Hydraulic Fluid Types
  • Fluid Selection
  • Multigrade Fluid Improvements
  • Application-Based Selection
  • Pumps and Viscosity Requirements
  • Pump Efficiency
  • Cavitation, Wear, and System Overheating
  • Mobile Hydraulic Equipment
  • How Much Can I Save?

Educational material presented by Noria Corporation and sponsored by Shell Lubricants. Visit the Shell Tellus page for more information. 

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