There is Nothing More Certain Than Change

As I See It | January 2023

Jim Fitch

Twenty-five years ago this month (1998), Noria opened its doors for business. Our first dollar was a training dollar. Since then, we’ve trained well over 100,000 people. We continued to train across multiple formats at a very high clip today.

As a services company, our business model continued to evolve. The basic concept was the gathering, codification and dissemination of knowledge and information in our field of lubrication and oil analysis. Besides training, we are heavily involved in advisory services, conferencing, media platforms, software development and so much more.

In July 1998, we decided to try our hand at publishing by launching the world’s first magazine dedicated to the field of oil analysis: Practicing Oil Analysis. In May 2001, we published the premier issue of Machinery Lubrication magazine. We also launched Reliable Plant magazine in 2005. All were available in both print and digital formats.

Figure 1: Early issues of Practicing Oil Analysis magazine.

With the looming 2008 recession, we merged Practicing Oil Analysis into Machinery Lubrication, and Reliable Plant was converted to digital format only. Every article of every issue of all of Noria’s publications can be conveniently accessed at MachineryLubrication.com and ReliablePlant.com.

Last year Reliable Plant magazine was re-cast into a modern digital format, going from bi-monthly to monthly. Content will be more interactive, multimedia and incorporate eye-catching infographics, web animations, video and audio. This format is in tune with the techy, unconventional world in which we all live, designed to provide immersive reading and educational experiences.

Figure 2: The print version of Machinery Lubrication magazine spanned 22 years, featuring nearly 1000 articles on wide-ranging subjects in the field of lubrication and oil analysis.

Machinery Lubrication goes Digital

I have good news. With the current issue, our legacy print-publication Machinery Lubrication is converting to a monthly digital magazine. The format is viewable on any digital device, whether our audience is on their computer or scrolling through their mobile phone. Readers can carry it with them anywhere they go. It will contain all the informative and innovative content you are used to reading, but now, it will become more interactive and accessible.

Similar to Reliable Plant Digital Magazine, each issue of ML magazine contains:

  • A dedicated focus on industry topics lubrication, oil analysis, inspection
  • Portable, interactive content at your fingertips, such as end-user case studies, best practice recommendations, new technologies news and a learning corner to sharpen your knowledge
  • Easy access to explainer videos, webinars and podcasts
  • Increased readability with infographics and interactive, mixed-media content
  • More accessibility to issue content via a dedicated e-newsletter and platform
  • Focused content you want to read with a built-in feedback form allowing you to suggest (and contribute) content

Digital publications have unique advantages over their print counterparts, specifically interactive features such as audio or video. Video content has spiked tremendously across social media platforms. And as an added bonus, analytics for readership engagement is easily tracked — this allows us to see what readers really care about and provide more of that content.

The Power of Content

People are consuming content with a voracious appetite. Now that we are talking about the channels that connect with our community of readers, what message do you want to communicate? What role do you want to play in this digital age?

Noria is uniquely qualified to excel at community engagement and content marketing that involves the creation and sharing of valuable, relevant, consistent, unique content (articles, white papers, videos, webinars, etc.) for both users and suppliers alike. For product manufacturers and service providers, the digital format can create greater awareness, stimulate interest and ultimately drive interest and client relationships your way.

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