Lube Champs | Simmons Feed Ingredients - Southwest City, MO

For this month’s Lube Champs feature, we take a look back at the Simmons Feed Ingredients (SFI) plant in Southwest City, Missouri. Simmons Feed brought in Noria consultants to develop a roadmap for lubrication excellence. After implementing Noria’s Lubrication Program Development and training, the facility was able to achieve cleaner oil, prevent machine failures, avoid lost production and save up to $1 million a year. 


The Back Story

The Simmons Feed Ingredients plant in Southwest City, Missouri, produces high-quality animal nutrition for pet food, aquaculture and livestock. Several years ago, the facility was experiencing one equipment failure after another, with some costing in excess of $200,000. The ensuing reactive maintenance work resulted in parts being ordered for machines that broke down a day earlier and work orders being generated to fix the "Band-Aided" equipment during the next scheduled downtime.
In addition, Simmons needed to correct its inadequate lubricant selection practices and protect its oil storage system from water and other contaminants. The plant did not have an oil analysis program, and its lubrication training and filtration of gear units were deficient.
When Simmons decided to put more of an emphasis on lubrication, changes began to be made within the organization. Once the basics were in place, the company chose Noria Corporation for its training and Lubrication Program Development (LPD). Noria's experts developed a roadmap for lubrication excellence, including precision lube routes, proper oil handling practices and written procedures for each task. 
See their story in action and hear from key team members William Hada, Kyle Rubeck and Tim Newman.


Where Are They Now?

Both William Hada and Kyle Rubeck are still at Simmons Feed Ingredients. Hada is now the Director of Maintenance Services, and Rubeck is now the Reliability Crew Lead. Tim Newman is now an independent contractor providing services in the industry.


About Simmons Foods, Inc.

Simmons Foods, Inc. and its Affiliates are leading suppliers of poultry, pet, and animal nutrition products based in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Simmons works with farmers, communities, and team members to apply 70+ years of experience to serving customers. Simmons Prepared Foods ranks in the top 15 poultry producers in the United States, Simmons Pet Food is the largest supplier of store brand wet pet food in North America, and Simmons Animal Nutrition boasts an innovative line of proprietary animal nutrition products. With 8,000+  team members, Simmons Foods, Inc. and its Affiliates serve customers in all 50 states and more than 40 countries around the world.
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