The Value of Combining Vibration and Oil Analysis


Noria Corporation

In the early days of the modern condition monitoring era, oil analysis and vibration analysis were often seen as rivals, competing for resources and attention. However, with time and data-driven insights, it has become clear that these two powerful technologies are not adversaries, but rather complementary forces in the realm of machine health management.
When combined, oil and vibration analysis create a comprehensive approach to condition monitoring, allowing organizations to leverage the strengths of each method while compensating for their respective limitations. Nevertheless, to fully benefit from this dynamic combination, it is essential to both integrate the techniques and collect the data correctly. Embracing the integration of oil and vibration analysis in machine condition monitoring can lead to significant improvements in performance, reliability, and overall equipment longevity.

Topics Covered:

  • Advantages of Vibration Analysis
  • Advantages of Oil Analysis
  • Combining Vibration and Oil Analysis
    • Which Comes First
    • Who Benefits?
  • The Power of the Oil Sample
    • Successful Oil Sampling
    • Safety Considerations
  • Data Interpretation
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