Webinar: Perfecting Bearing Maintenance with Condition-Based Lubrication

Noria Corporation


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Presented by:

Bob Kazar, RTK Asset Management

Blair Fraser, UE Systems

Wes Cash, Noria Corporation


Join us to learn how condition-based lubrication is transforming bearing maintenance and drastically reducing unplanned downtime. This webinar features a case study involving a plant that produces plant-based, almond, and oat milk on a 24/7 schedule. Faced with a rapid increase in production, this organization had to prioritize reliability and seek innovative solutions to maintain equipment without disrupting operations.

We'll take you through this plant's journey from frequent machine failure to operational success achieved through deployment of the Ontrak system, a pivotal tool in condition-based lubrication. With the OnTrak, users can monitor and grease bearings remotely, contributing to fewer failures and a healthier bottom line.

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