Share Your Lube Room Story, Win a Pro Filter Cart

Noria Corporation

Noria's Lube Room Challenge is back! Show off your lube room for a chance to win an OilSafe Pro Filter Cart and three passes ($5985 value) to the 26th annual Reliable Plant & Machinery Lubrication conference in Chicago, June 3- 6.

Degraded, contaminated lubricants are a leading cause of machine failure. A clean, well-organized lube room ensures lubricants are clean, cool, and dry when they enter the machine. This, in turn, protects components from wear and tear, extends oil life, and minimizes costly repairs.

Entries must include:

  • Photos of your lube room
  • Proof of incorporating lube-room best practices, including ...
    • Oil drums stored indoors horizontally or use a bulk storage system
    • Clear lubricant labeling system
    • Clean transfer containers, pumps, and hoses
    • Grease guns stored horizontally with the plunger disengaged from the tube (preferably inside a clean, fireproof cabinet)
    • Sanitary conditions free from oil spills, dirt, and excessive dust
  • Short summary of your lube room journey

Need Inspiration?

Check out past entries for ideas on how to get your lube room to a world-class level!

For extra help, check out our free webinar on lube room best pratices.

How to Enter:

Entries must be submitted by May 1, 2024.. Winners will be notified via email on May 8.

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