ASCEND™ Webinar Program: Navigating the Lubrication Excellence Journey Through the ASCEND™ Chart Lifecycle Stages

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Introduction to the 2024 ASCEND™ Webinar Program

What Is Ascend? Noria's ASCEND™ chart serves as a guiding beacon that illuminates the path towards lubrication excellence. Comprising seven sessions in total, this webinar will begin with an initial overview followed by sessions for each of the six distinct lifecycle phases of the ASCEND™ Chart — all aimed at providing a plan to empower organizations to elevate their lubrication practices and maintain a higher standard of reliability.

ASCEND™ Overview: How To Successfully Build a Lubrication Program (February 15, 2024)

The first stage of the webinar program, taught by Bennett Fitch and Wes Cash, took place last month and introduced over 1000 viewers to the ASCEND™ methodology and its significance in achieving lubrication excellence. In this kickoff session, attendees gained insights into how ASCEND™ serves as a transformative tool, going beyond conventional approaches and aligning with ISO 55001 and ICML 55.1 standards. The session also emphasized the financial responsibility behind key lubrication initiatives to identify and maximize cost avoidance as a central reliability objective for all industrial facilities.

Readers who would like to view a recording of the first webinar on "How To Successfully Build a Lubrication Program" can go get it here.

Lifecycle Stage 1: Streamline Your Lubricant Selection Process (April 2, 1:00 p.m.)

This webinar session will guide participants through the complex process of lubricant selection using the ASCEND™ Chart's "Lubricant Selection” stage. Attendees will learn the importance of matching the correct lubricant to their specific machinery, operational context, and environmental exposures. The session emphasizes that lubricants are not all one-size-fits-all solutions, and explores critical factors such as viscosity, base-oil type, additive chemistry, and supplier support. Participants will gain insights into the engineering exercise required for optimal lubricant selection, lubricant identification system, supplier selection, and more to ensure a foundation for lubrication excellence. 

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Lifecycle Stage 2: How Lubricant Reception and Storage Impact Reliability (May 15, 8:00 a.m.)

Focusing on the ASCEND™ Chart’s “Lubricant Reception" stage, this session delves into the critical procedures to lubricant reception from your supplier and how storage of lubricants can ultimately impact the health and reliability of machinery. Attendees will understand that a lubricant can lose more life during reception and storage than during its time in the machine, and often without. This webinar explores best practices to safeguard lubricants from contamination and accidental mixing, ensuring that the lubricant remains in optimal condition before application. 

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Lifecycle Stage 3: Best Practices for Machinery Lubrication Handling (July 3, Start Time TBD)

This session covers the ASCEND™ Chart's "Application" stage, providing participants with insights into the best practices for handling lubricants and applying lubricants to machinery. The webinar addresses the frequency and amount of grease lubrication, emphasizing the importance of avoiding both under-lubrication and over-lubrication in grease lubricated bearings. Attendees will also learn how seemingly insignificant changes in oil and grease levels can significantly impact machine life and the critical importance of proper sight glasses and other machine modifications. The session also discusses the importance of timely oil changes and optimized lubrication routes for efficient lubrication and minimizing waste activities.

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Lifecycle Stage 4: Contamination Control (August 15, Start Time TBD)

Focused on the ASCEND™ Chart's "Contamination Control" stage, this session highlights the endless but necessary task of keeping lubricants clean, dry, and cool. Participants can expect to learn the critical role of controlling contaminant ingress and rapidly removing contaminants once they come into contact with the oil. The webinar stresses the use of oil analysis as a verification tool, reminding attendees that appearances can be deceiving and lubricants may not be as clean and dry as they seem.

Registration details for this event are TBD.


Lifecycle Stage 5: Condition Monitoring (October 1, Start Time TBD)

Exploring the ASCEND™ Chart's "Analysis" stage, this session underscores the crucial role of lubricants in providing early warnings of potential machinery issues. Participants will gain insights into the significance of frequent, proper, and accurate oil sampling and testing for effective condition monitoring, in addition to how to perform a daily one-minute inspection and integrating a variety of other condition-monitoring solutions into one complete vision of the lubricant’s health and machine’s integrity. This webinar dispels the notion of saving money through cheap oil analysis, or “going through the motions”, and emphasizes the importance of thorough machine inspection conducted with a keen and purposeful eye. Finally, attendees will understand that effective troubleshooting begins with a deep understanding of how to interpret lubricant-analysis results.

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Lifecycle Stage 6: Energy Conservation, Health, and the Environment (November 14, Start Time TBD)

This session explores the ASCEND™ Chart's "Conservation" stage, highlighting the significant cost-savings opportunities associated with smart lubrication practices and truly treating the lubricant as an asset rather than a consumable. Attendees will learn how energy conservation, health, and environmental considerations are intertwined with lubricant selection and established lubrication practices. The webinar emphasizes that reducing machine frictional losses by 10-20% is achievable through intelligent choices, contributing not only to cost savings but also environmental sustainability. Participants will gain practical insights into aligning lubrication practices with energy-conservation goals.

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Why Should You Attend?

In the pursuit of lubrication excellence, Noria’s ASCEND™ webinar program serves as a comprehensive guide, breaking down the journey into seven digestible videos that align with the ASCEND™ Chart lifecycle. Be sure to attend live, as Wes Cash and Bennett Fitch answer your questions in the live Q&A. By incorporating practical insights, real-world applications, and a focus on continuous improvement, the principles established by Noria’s ASCEND™ methodology can truly empower your plant to navigate the practical solutions to everyday lubrication challenges and emerge as industry leaders in reliability and asset management.

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