Filtering Water and Contaminants from Oils

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

After receiving issue of U.S. patents for its new industrial filtration technology in September 2008, WaterGuard Technology Products Company boasts the only filter of its kind: a filter that successfully removes water and contaminants from hydraulic and lubricating oils, restoring industrial fluids back to new condition for continued use, saving companies astronomical amounts of money.

Previously, when hydraulic and lubricating oils became contaminated with water or particulate and was no longer considered suitable for further use, it was necessary to dispose of these fluids and purchase new product. WaterGuard filters, with their patented ability to restore contaminated oils back to good condition, replaces the expensive and time-consuming method of yesterday, and has proven to extend the life of all hydro-carbon based industrial fluid, perhaps even, as one Houston company has found, indefinitely. 

This popular beer bottling company has been using WaterGuard filters for nearly three years on their bottle labeling machines. They report not changing their oil at all during this time, but simply adding the amount of oil the machine uses. They also report not having the breakdowns they were having on a quarterly basis due to the glue and gunk that developed in their oil before installing WaterGuard filters.

WaterGuard filters are also used as diesel engine fuel filters and on gasoline or gas/alcohol fuel dispensers.

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