Gas Turbine Engine Walkaround

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

This is the gas turbine engine from a mechanical engineering senior project at Cal State Long Beach. Here are some specs on it:

-Off the shelf turbo and compressor used for automotive purposes (model unknown, bought used off of Craigslist).

-5 O.D. combustion chamber.

-3 O.D. internal liner.

-3 O.D. exhaust tubing.

-25 cube frame.

-Fuel is propane at nominal fuel pressure of ~40 psi.

-Boost pressure of 5-10 psi depending on throttle position.

-Basic oil system to both lubricate and cool the turbo bearings. Oil pump is an electrical pump operated on a 12V electrical system.

-Gauge setup: Oil pressure, fuel pressure, combustion pressure, exhaust gas temperature, and oil temperature.

-Ignition system is a spark plug activated through a momentary switch. Once the proper amount of pressure builds up in the combustion chamber and enough fuel is delivered to the internal liner, we begin igniting the spark plug and the engine will start.

-A leaf blower is used at the compressor inlet to build up pressure at initial startup.

Access this 2-minute, 15-second video by clicking on the link below.

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