Noria Launches Live Online Training

Noria news wires

Noria Corporation recently launched its new Live Online Training offering to allow anyone to attend the company’s industry-leading training courses from anywhere in the world. Individuals can attend a scheduled course or have Noria train their team across multiple locations with a private live course.

The interactive training can be viewed from the convenience of a home or office and offers the same benefits of live instructor interaction. Using professional production equipment, each course provides an immersive experience, allowing direct interaction with the instructor. Multi-camera views and virtual whiteboards enable demonstrations and clear illustration of concepts.

The available courses include Machinery Lubrication I, Machinery Lubrication II, Oil Analysis II, Oil Analysis III, Oil Analysis Report Interpretation Workshop, Food Processing Equipment Lubrication and Lubrication Basics.

Each course features a full-color printed manual (only in the United States) as well as access to Noria’s learning management system, which includes an on-demand recording of the class, course slides for review and worksheets used in the course. Certification courses also come with access to the Noria Academy Certification Prep app.

View the video below to see a class in action.

For more information, visit www.noria.com/train/live-online-training or call 1-833-273-6518.

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