Unboxing: Atten2 Smart Monitoring Kit

Noria Corporation


Wes & Devin recently unboxed an innovative real-time particle counter from Delta Fuel: the Atten2 S120 Oil Wear 2.0 On-line Particle Counter (https://youtu.be/ditYytK9IjE). Today's unboxing is also from Delta Fuel, and also features the same particle detection technology as the S120. In this video Wes and Bret are taking a look at the Atten2 Smart Monitoring Kit. With a built-in touchscreen, industrial-grade housing and both a pump version and a non-pump version to choose from, these smart monitoring kits are a natural extension of the innovative technology introduced in the S120.

Find out more about both of Delta Fuel's Smart Monitoring Kits at https://deltafuel.com/reliability360/