Unboxing: Shell Turbine Oil with Gas To Liquid Technology (Turbo S4 X & GX)

Noria Corporation

Noria VP of Services, Wes Cash, explains a base oil formulation you may not have heard of using gas to liquid (GTL) technology.

In this video, Wes discusses:

  • The process involved in creating a GTL base oil
  • How GTL base oils differ from standard Group I or Group II oils
  • Beneficial fluid properties that GTL base oils can offer in turbine applications

Wes also gives a visual demonstration of how a GTL base oil performs against a conventional Group II base oil in terms of its ability to detrain or "de-gas" entrained air bubbles. He discusses other useful properties of GTL base oils—such as resistance to degradation or its lower varnish formation tendency.


Thank you to Shell for sponsoring this unboxing. Learn more about GTL technology and the Shell Turbo S4 X & GX products at Shell.us.