Brian Burks, CLS, MLE, OMA I

A 14-year veteran of the wind industry, Brian Burks received his B.S. in Engineering Technology from Western Carolina University, after which he headed west to Wyoming to pursue a career in wind power. After working in wind farm operations for four years, he began his career with AMSOIL, which is a U.S.-based industrial lubricant provider with a global footprint known for its technological innovation and performance. Brian is the Senior Application Sales Engineer for AMSOIL Industrial, where, along with a dedicated engineering and tribological staff, helps operators identify the tribological applications and practices most likely to increase efficiency and profitability across industries. Through his 10 year career at AMSOIL, Brian has attained STLE CLS, OMA I, and the ICML MLE certifications. Brian can be reached at bburks@AMSOIL.com.

Articles by Brian Burks, CLS, MLE, OMA I