Michael Malpezzi

Michael Malpezzi, CMRP, is a reliability engineer at Reliant Energy’s Elrama Generating Station in Elrama, Pa. Elrama is a fully scrubbed, four-unit, pulverized coal-fired generating station located on a 44-acre site along the Monongahela River, 25 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. Elrama operates as a baseload facility and has a net demonstrated capacity of 465 megawatts. Units 1,2 and 3 were commissioned in the early 1950s, while Unit 4, the largest unit at the facility at 175 net megawatts, began commercial operation in 1960. The flue gas desulfurization (scrubber) system, one of the first full system retrofits of its kind, was installed in the mid-1970s and removes more than 80 percent of the sulfur dioxide produced during the combustion process.

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