NLGI Annual General Meeting 2007

Kim Smallwood, NLGI

Each year at the NLGI Annual General Meeting, technical papers are presented on various subjects dealing with the manufacturing of greases, innovations in testing of greases, new performance-enhancing additives for greases and new thickener systems. The 74th Annual General Meeting for the National Lubricating Grease Institute will be held June 10th through 12th at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This year, the sessions will present numerous technical papers of interest to the general industry. The following are abstracts of some of the papers being presented this year.

Title: Approval Process for a Certified Post Tensioning Grease
Author: Glen Brunette

This paper discusses the post tensioning cable industry and the process of approving grease for use as a coating for post tensioning cables. Background is given on the post tensioning industry and the industry's organization, the Post Tensioning Institute. It includes the requirements, process and important contacts for those seeking to make grease for post tensioning cables. The data from a new grease developed for this application will be discussed.

Title: The Role of Modern Grease Technology in the Predictive Maintenance Culture
Author: Chad Chichester

This paper discusses how predictive maintenance tools are used to determine lubricant condition and selection.

Title: Fretting Wear - Something to Worry About?
Author: Joseph Kaperick

A study was conducted to investigate several different types of antiwear and extreme pressure additive chemistries in reducing fretting wear. Additionally, a comparison of various fretting and wear tests used in the evaluation of grease performance will be presented.

Title: Development of a New High-performance Grease - Titanium/Calcium Complex Grease
Authors: Wang Lei, Li Mao-sen, Liu Xian-qiu, Fang Chun-mei, Sun Hong-wei

The concept of mixed-base greases has attracted the attention of scientists and formulators more than ever before. The mixed-base greases possess both advantages of the two soaps. For example, Li/Ca complex greases perform well in presence of water and possess a high dropping point at the same time. Recently, the Ti/Li complex grease was developed by Indian researchers - a grease which possesses the advantages of both Ti complex soap and Li complex soap. In view of this, the new high-performance grease based on Ti/Ca complex soap was developed.

Title: Nanogrease Based on Carbon Nanotubes
Author: Haiping Hong

Nano grease using carbon nanotubes as the thickener has been prepared. It discusses how different chemical surfactants would influence the grease structure and properties. The penetration length based on various carbon nanotubes (single wall and multi wall) and oils (polyalphaolefins and polyol ester) are also discussed. The results indicate that the new Nano grease has properties such as high thermal and electrical conductivity, good temperature resistance and is easy to manufacture.

Title: Low Noise Grease for Bearings
Author: Kenichirou Matsubara

A lithium soap grease that excels in low-noise property has been utilized as one of the world's standard greases, and a newly developed low-noise urea grease which also shows good high-temperature and long-life performances are reported. Furthermore, a case study that investigated the effect of the degree of thickener dispersion on EHL film and the correlation between EHL film condition and noise is discussed.

Title: Development and Field Testing of a Heavy-duty Synthetic Polyurea Grease
Author: Chuck Coe

A high-temperature polyurea grease with balanced performance properties and H1 registration was developed for the sugar beet process industry.

Please join us in Scottsdale as these industry experts present and discuss their papers, followed by a question-and-answer period. For additional information on NLGI, please visit our Web site at or contact NLGI headquarters at 816-931-9480.

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